Sunday, 21 November 2010

Advantages and disadvantages of Single camera production and multiple camera production

A single camera production is when only one camera is used to shoot a film or television programme. A huge difference between single camera set-ups and multiple camera set-ups is the order that they’re shot in, for example multiple camera set-ups are filmed chronologically whereas single camera set-ups mean that the shots will be shot in the order of flexibility and will be put in order during editing. An advantage of using a single-camera set-up as opposed to a multiple-camera set-up would be that it is cheaper and this is what makes it popular with producers who are working with a low budget; this is the case because you only need one camera as opposed to three or four like a multiple camera set-up. Another advantage of a single camera set-up is that with using one camera you don’t have to worry about other cameras being in shot. However if you use multiple cameras it is less flexible because you have to take into consideration where the other camera are positioned.
Using a single camera set-up means you will spend less time editing because all the footage is on one camera. Programmes like The Office, Ugly Betty and Scrubs all are shot by a single camera set-up. Multiple Camera set-ups are generally used by bigger studios for example Eastenders is shot with multiple camera set-up. There is one big disadvantage to filming with one camera and that is that it takes a lot longer because the cameraman needs to film the same scene over and over again from different aspects, however with a multiple set-up this is not the case. Multiple camera set-ups are usually used in soaps this is because single camera set-ups are much more difficult to film conversations with, this is because it is hard to catch all the character’s reactions.

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  1. Informative read describing the advantages and disadvantages of single camera production and multiple camera production. Using a single camera set-up means you will spend less time editing because all the footage is on one camera. So to use multiple is the better one.

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